In Ramsalon there are four main newspapers:

  • The Rumors and Riddles is the oldest, most respected, and most widely-read paper in Ramsalon, dating from before the Darkest Night For a time it was edited by Lucy Talebearer, though the title of Editor is now in the hands of Landon Goffe Rumors and Riddles is mostly serious journalism and editorials.
  • The Vaxian Sun is a tabloid rag most popular among the people of Beth Bow full of sensationalist celebrity gossip, horoscopes, the occasional softcore nudie print, and very little actual news.
  • The White Rose University Bulletin, edited by one Dr. Maurice Oldstone, is the academic journal of Ramsalon, full of research about archaeology, science, and magic. In other words, it's a paper for nerds.
  • The official government publication was called Ramsalon Rise, and was almost entirely propaganda. After the Naga Nori War this paper shut down.
With the exception of Ramsalon Rise, the Newspapers have always been and continue to remain genuinely free. (Though the government surreptitiously funded the Vaxian Sun, on the hypothesis that if the people are occupied with gossip, they won't get worked up about anything else.)