And His Sword Shall Cut To The Heart Of The Truth.

The Noxnoctis was a church in Iskrania They believed that Kosmo was a ferocious warrior, clad in black and riding upon a mighty war horse, wielding a monstrous sword that destroyed any that dared oppose the mighty Kosmo. Their color was black and their beliefs were those of intimidation, fear, anger and rage. Their fighting force was known as The Dark Lions, all large men with black hair and eyes, versed in the art of Darkflame, a dark based magical art.

The Noxnoctis were weakened by constant fighting and had their backs broken by the Followers of Light Some of those that remained joined Antioch's Knights Aleator a transition made easier by the strong similarities between the doctrines of the Noxnoctis and the chaos priests. Indeed, there were rumours that Antioch himself had served the Noxnoctis priests in his youth, before splitting off and creating his own Church centered around Kosmo's chaos Elemental half.

Church of Noxnoctis wrote:

Pride. The heart of darkness. The original sin, the birthplace of evil, the destroyer of men and angels. Pride. The wellspring of strength.Evil? What is evil but an invention set forth by the minds of those who envy the strength of the Church Noxnoctis. If you wish to know the true reason why the White Pride rarely sorties, it is fear. Fear, and knowledge of the truth: that they are nothing beside the Dark Lions, the Black Pride, the true Pride of Kosmo, wielders of his strength. They do not sortie forth because they know that when the last battle is fought, it is the disciples of strength who will reign victorious. Ideals of peace, of fighting without fightingùthese are just further inventions, lies to the self, self-deceptions born of the same fear and envy that gives rise to myths of evil. The only true evil, if such a word must be used, is cowardice, and the unwillingness to do what must be done to live in the image and way of Kosmo, the sword that carved a nation called Iskrania out of a wilderness battleground.

Perhaps the most straightforward church in Iskrania, Noxnoctis knows one rule above all: kill or be killed. They learned it during the War of Founding, when survival depending on routing or killing the Elves of Ramsalon They learned it when Kosmo, darkly resplendent in black full plate which seemed to eat light and radiate shadow, rallied forth the ragged army of all-but beaten humans and Dwarves and turned the Ramsalonian tide, personally slaying elves and elf-friends by the thousands with his great, dark sword. It is this memory, this truth, the truth of Kosmo, to which they hold. This banner under which they take to the streets to conquer and reunite the Great City in the name of its first and greatest lord, its warlord deified. The City must be returned to the proper path, must bow to its true lord once more, no longer pandering to idolatrous false-Kosmoss. The idea that Kosmo was a man of peace is absurd. The histories are clear on the origin of Iskrania. The heresy that Kosmo was a woman? Beyond laughable. Such ideas must be stricken from the minds of men, for their own good.

To that end, Noxnoctis wages a war for dominion. There are no *games of faith.* There is only *kill or be killed,* conquer or be destroyed. Daily the Lions of the Black Pride, Kosmo's Pride march forth to expand the holdings of the Black Church. They fight each battle with the ferocity and tenacity for which they are famous, the strength and ruthlessness which they know Kosmo expect, and would use himself, were he still alive as a mortal man. The war must be won, by any means necessary. And if it is sad that Kosmo can not descend to lead his chosen personally, he certainly does not stand idly by, for what other source can there be for the black fires of pure battle rage, the Darkflame, which the Black Lions wield? Only the White Lions of Diluculo can match them sword for sword, blow for blow, a comparison that ranks as high a heresy and treason as any claim by the Red Sisters about Kosmo's true gender. And behind the dark-armed warriors come the *Murazon,* the Questioners, seeking out heresy and quashing it. Rooting out heretics and convincing them of their error. Anyone can be questioned by the Murazon. Anyone.





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