Let The Birds In The Sky And The Beasts Of The Earth Be My Armies.
Plornim was an interesting church in Iskrania They believed that Kosmo never existed at all, they believed that their own ancestors used the land against their Ramsalonian pursuers and bested them in all out combat. Their color was green, their belief was that nature is the key to all victory and that by using nature one will overcome all obstacles and dangers that lay in your path. They hated machines, believing them to be the things that will in the future wipe out all magic and natural life. Their fighting force was known as The Vine, smallish rogue men that used short, wooden blades coupled with very effective nature magics and beasts of the fields.

They had already pretty much wiped themselves out by the time the Followers of Light arrived on the scene and finished the job. Those who were willing to abandon the heresy that Kosmo never existed were allowed to join the FoL, the ones who weren't were killed. The doctrine that nature is good was then partially adopted by the Followers of Light.

Church of Plornim wrote:

Flowers. That's all people can think about when they think of the Church Plornim. Such mockery. But the true believers know, and understand. All the creations of men, all these buildings and machines, streets of stone and weapons of steel—what are they to the power of the earth? The power of nature herself? The most powerful army in the world can be felled in its entirety and the earth no more notice doing so than it might notice the death of a single lilac bud. That's just a fact of life. A law of nature, if you will. The first law of nature: Nature always wins. To live in health and happiness, one must understand that one is part of the earth, as much a part of it as any creature or plant.

It was this understanding which saved the hunted when all hope seemed lost. This oneness with nature, as it were. The details lost to history—so much lost, so much knowledge, the beasttalkers rare and the treetalkers all but extinct, talents dwindling—but the fact remains that it was the earth, the sky, the beasts and birds who intervened on behalf of those tattered remnants of the thousands of Dwarves and humans originally driven from Ramsalon Some say it was a storm, a raging tempest that hammered the Ramsen army with hail, burned it with lightning, drowned it in rain, and rended it company from company, limb from limb with tornados. Others say it was the creatures of the land, hearing the cries of beasttalkers and treetalkers then plentiful, who came to their aid, armies of birds and beasts descending upon the elven army which had already long forsaken nature, and even the trees around them and the grass under their feet taking part in the routing. A few believe earth simple split open beneath the Ramsen army, swallowing it whole or drowning it. A few of those will tell you that that was the origin of Ox Lake.

But regardless of the details, one strain runs clean and clear throughout: Iskrania has nature to thank for its existence, and harmony therewith is the key to the continuation of its existence. Nothing but evil can come of attempting to dominate nature as the City is currently doing. And worse, the corruption and filth being spewed forth by humans heedless in their drive for advancement of their own illusionary power may yet turn nature against those it once saved. If they do not first corrupt nature itself. The reports from the area around Ox Lake have been very disturbing of late, and while most of the chuches and companies ignore them, the Plornim pays heed. Nature grows angry, or sick. The Green Church will see to the salvation of the earth, and thereby the salvation of Iskrania. By whatever means necessary.





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