Ramsalon Town Guard Structure

Current Events (as of early 2013): The Town Guard of Ramsalon like any organization or military structure has many positions, that form the rank and file structure. The following is a basic layout of the structure tree, flowing from the lowest ranks to the highest.

The Town Guard Structure is currently in the process of blending both the Shi Inkahan military complex into their ranks, as well as dealing with the reshuffling that has happened due to every ranking officer being demoted (including the major) and that position being taken by a SI officer.

The lowest ranking SI military member would be a Guard.

Most SI personnel being moved into the Town Guard are those wanting political gain or to remain within Ramsalon.

Town Guard Rank Structure

Militia: A volunteer authorized to assist the Town Guard in cases of emergency. A draft my be mandated depending oh how big the emergency is. Washed out cadets are often the first ones called up. However, a 'militia' has no say during non-emergency situations.

Cadet: A person wishing to become a Town Guard must first be a Cadet. The cadets go through a six week period of training and evaluation. They have no authority and when on patrol are there to learn and listen, and only if the circumstances require it will they be armed and allowed to participate in actual guard-like activity.

Guard: Once a cadet has undergone six weeks of training and evaluation they face a crossroads. They are either accepted into the Town Guard and become an official guard or they are rejected and sent home. A Guard has the authority to detain citizens for questioning and arrest lawbreakers. Most that make the rank of Guard will remain there, doing the typical patrol work and keeping the streets safe for the citizens of Ramsalon. There are however cases where a superior will recognize ability in a Guard and they may be evaluated for a promotion. There are two levels of promotion; Officer and Non-Officer.

Non-Officer Positions:

Office Worker: A guard that has a sharp mind but due to injury or being not physically fit is unable to patrol or actively investigate is rather then fired, often promoted to the rank of office worker. They handle the filing of the case files and fill out and file paperwork for inquiries made to the guard. Many are also responsible for making sure that all crimes are reported to the proper officers.

Investigator: A guard with a keen set of senses may be promoted to the rank of Investigator. The Investigators have a rank higher then Guard but do not rank as Officers. Investigators comb crime scenes and are responsible for solving, or proving the factual happenings of crime scenes.

Private Investigator: Not only for financial gain, but to do the city a service, there are several very good Investigators that are hired out to citizens wishing the services of an Investigator. They do undercover investigation work for citizens that have such needs.

Officer Positions

Lieutenant: When a Guard shows exceptional leadership qualities and an above average ability in both mental and physical evaluations he is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Responsible for a group of Guards, the lieutenant has authority over his assigned part of the city and leads his guards in their patrols.

Lieutenant Commander: Responsible for a larger area of the city, a Lieutenant Commander has authority over all Lieutenants and Guards in his section of the city. More often then not the Lieutenant Commander does not muddy his hands with the hands-on guard work, typically he is organizing patrols and making sure all guards beneath him are in tip-top shape.

Sergeant: The next rank above Lieutenant Commander is the Sergeant. The Sergeant is responsible for handling the paperwork, reports and complaints from the officers below him in his area of the city. A Sergeant rarely will take up arms and join the ground patrols as his job is more of a desk position, keeping things under control and reporting to the Captain.

Captain: A Captain is responsible for a number of lower ranking guards in a given area of the city. Large areas such as the Town Green have several Captains as opposed to small areas which have only one Captain. The Captain is responsible for the men assigned to his part of the city and as such is very hands on, inspecting the morale and condition of those beneath him.

Commander: Fully responsible for every member of the Town Guard. When requested Captains submit reports to the Commander. The Commander typically finds his time filled with paperwork and making sure that the Town Guard is in good morale, good health and excellent fighting condition.

Major: The Major is the man behind the scenes. Placed by the General he has full authority over the Commander, and thereby the entire Town Guard. His instructions generally come from the General himself and his word is law as far as the Town Guard is concerned.





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