• Alias(s) The Red Sisters
  • Status of Organization Full Status unknown as most believe the Senphara had been decimated - however operations continue in secret
  • Active Membership - 200
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence - Iskrania
  • Leadership - TBD
  • Legal Status - Complicated, but generally borderline criminal in many areas, criminal in GHOUL/iskrania
  • Distinguishing Marks - Red Circle
  • Known Enemies - Followers of Light
  • Known Allies -
  • History

    Flames, Her Pillow. Blood, Her Wine. Lust, Her Strongest Ally. Herself For Victory Traded, And Her Color Shall Red, Forever.

    Senphara was the of the seven churches to been formed in Iskrania, officially rising to power 10 years after the founding of Iskrania.

    Ruznaedeth Underbreaker was the core founder of Senphara, having grown tired of waiting on promises that looked to never be fulfilled and of those looking to keep a certain status quo as they had begun to build the paradise in the safety of Kosmo’s gift. She had her own ideas for what should be built in this city.

    She was a fierce and passionate dwarven woman whom was determined to show that those she saw as underestimated would have the means and capability to be a force in the city. She was renowned to have preached out that Kosmo had made use of their femininity as a means to achieve victory, often even saying that she believed that Kosmo would often take a form of a woman. She would preach to encourage women to rise up against those that would harm or opporess them, saying they had a power like the very Kosmo which saved them.

    Her passion was infectious among many other women of the newly formed Iskrania, and her words inspiring. Each one to spread Ruznaedeth’s words was soon adding their own spin, what would soon become the doctrine of Senphara seeming to write itself.

    It wasn’t too long until other women would come to follow Ruznaedeth. Though magic users were very rare in these early days as magic was very hard to perform within the city limits, and those with promise had already been conscripted by other established organizations. But it did not matter, under Ruznaedeth’s lead these women learned to hone and utilize whatever talents they had on hand, creating one of the most elite assassin forces to exist at that time, and that practice remains to this day.

    Then eight years after she had first preached here passionate beliefs, Ruznaedth was able to formalize her group and thus Senphara was registered and revealed. Red quickly became their color also thanks to Ruznaedeth as her looks were often described to be that of a living fiery ruby as well as being a color known to represent passion.

    While their doctrine has changed over the years, passion and the empowerment of women has always been the two most central tenants.

    Senphara was believed to have been destroyed when the Followers of Light made their move to take control of Iskraina. However recent evidence has come to suggest the Red Sisters may have survived intact and are doing what they do best.

    Kosmo was a woman, or at least a feminine entity whom achieved victory by utilizing the strengths of the feminine form and striking in unexpected ways.
    Men have no place among our ranks. They have their uses and their place, but not here.
    All women have the same power as Kosmo, we know the truth, we shall hone these and use them to guide the city to its truth.
    We must purge the unnecessary that would block the path to the truth, in this we care for our people. Take no sorrow from this as would would have done the same to you.
    Your talents are power, strike in unexpected ways, your honor is only bound to the respect of yourself and in the sisterhood.
    Have pride in yourself and your abilities, the Red Sisters of Senphara shall prevail for the flame our passion can never quenched.

    Organization structure
    All members of Senphara are known as the Red Sisters no matter what their rank by outsiders.

  • High Priestess - The highest rank, main leader of the Senphara
  • The Coven - A council of the churches most skilled, experienced and dedicated women.
  • Templar - The most elite of the priestesses of Senphara
  • Priestess - A fully trained member
  • Disciple - Starting rank

    Current projects / Interests

    Membership related information:

    • How to join Anyone that identifies as female may try out to join their ranks.
      In most cases this is a formality as they believe in nurturing one’s given skills, and it is more about what role and path they will be set on.

      In some cases Senphara may offer an open invitation to join, be it from exceptional known skills, to providing an opportunity to escape abuse or oppression.

    • Any benefits of membership Housing and training
      Steady employment
      Access to Senphara’s resources, reputation and influences (dependent on rank)

    • How to maintain membership and obligations Work in the interests of Senphara

    • How to leave (if you can) Templar or below ,may simply leave if they wish.

    • How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred Act against Senphara and its interests
      Sabotage its give jobs
      Sell secrets or contracts
      Betray Senphara

      Punishment can vary depending on the severity of the sabotage or the nature of working against senphara - minor infractions would result in being removed from the church and blacklisted, and some occasional harassment if paths should cross.

      Attempting to sell secrets/contracts, betrayal, or more severe interference may bring on attempts to kill.





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