The Spoonbenders Guild

This establishment is the modest home of the Spoonbenders' Guild. It is a guild for psionicists, or "psions" as they tend to call themselves. They are sometimes also called mentalists or mind mages. The term "spoonbender" has also been used and was only slightly derogatory; the guild founder, Mason Reedfall, decided to adopt the name for the guild and wear it as a badge, having a sense of humor.

The guild itself is of simple stone construction, well-built but not extraordinary. The three-story structure once housed the offices of a now-defunct merchant company and the gray stones still bear an aging seal of the old company, a yellow sun logo with fading yellow words curving over it reading "Far Sun Trading Co."

The place is being renovated, but it's habitable. The first floor is an entry lobby and holds office space and a small public library, something of a poor cousin to the Mage Guild of Ramsalon (which Mason broke from to start the Spoonbenders). The basement rooms hold more sensitive tomes and the vault, though the current vault is the old merchant company vault. The psions are working on putting in a more secure replacement, though the merchants certainly had a sturdy vault to begin with.

The second and third floors are being used for housing for resident psions. The second floor has a particularly nice common room in the center for lounging, conversing, and studying. They have four large aquariums and several maintenance-free silk plants. Both the second and third floor rooms all have balconies. The front rooms are the preferred rooms, being slightly larger and having better balcony views. Three identical "master" bedrooms used to be large offices for the merchant company owners on the third floor, all with great city views from the balconies. Mason is currently renovating one of these for himself.

People walking in off the street are encouraged to stop by, ask questions, or schedule a time to be tested for latent talent if they'd like. Known psions with interest are encouraged to apply for membership and will be slated for interviews.

While not as flashy as the Mage Guild of Ramsalon, Mason has enough funding to ensure a reasonable chance of success and this space has fantastic "old world" charm and warmth to it.

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