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This page is dedicating to exploring the geographical layout of the Vaxia Setting, the links to the right and below are grouped by political borders. There will be a bit of shifting around as we try and finalize this organization of information so please bear with us.

Here you can find information about the geographical layout of the Vaxia Setting. Most of it will focus on the planet that Vaxia takes place in and its various lands, oceans and the such.

While there is an entire world that is possible to play in, there are a couple of places that become RP hubs as it is easier to gain roleplay when there is a centralized location. In these hubs one can find casual and sessions that will start there. Knowledge of the rest of the world is not needed to start playing so if you want you can just brush up on the hubs and come back for the rest of it later.

Current RP Hubs:

This is not an exhaustive list of all the Realms but currently these are the ones that have come up most in play.

Planar travel is possible in Vaxia, but extremely rare. There are a number of other planes call Realms linked to the realm that the world of Vaxia occupies. However travel in them is dangerous and not recommend without an experienced mage to guide you. Most mages transit the planes only briefly, as a means to teleport from place to place. Longer stays tend to bring much higher risks, and even experienced mages can't consider themselves safe for too long if they don't try to get back to their home plane. To linger too long in another realm is to ensure death.

Kadras - Name of the planet and realm that the Vaxia Setting takes place.
Shadow Realm
Light Realm
Dream Realm

Kadrass Ocean

The ocean that makes up a fair portion of the world. It separates the three known continents from each other and is a host to an abundance of life below its surface.

It is divided into five sections:

    Separates Shi Inkahan and Vaxia. Its waters are deep, and has a few islands scattered about, with most being close to Shi Inkahan. It often has a dark, near storm like color to it often earning it nicknames from those that near its shores and travel upon it. Many deep dwelling creatures and species make their homes in the various trenches and around the undersea volcanoes.
    Other Names: Western Kadrass (Vaxia), Kikosan (Inkahani), Foghjem (Falnoric)

    Separates Candenord and Vaxia. There a many islands that can be found across this section, especially as its waters are not as deep. There are a few trenches that play home to some, but much of the plains and slope make for settlements of other underwater creatures and species to reside, especially favored by many sea Elves and mermaids.
    Other Names: Eastern Kadrass (Vaxia)

    Separates Candenord and Shi Inkahan. This is the narrowest section of the Kadrass and not widely explored as the parts of SI and Candenord that border it are some of the most hostile environments in the world. Very few survive the land and even fewer seem to be able to navigate into this section of the Kadrass. Stories run rampant of huge monsters, naga attacks, and terrible storms that deter even the most boldest sailor from crossing the waters.

    The largest section of the Kadrass that is south of all known continents. Most of it remains unexplored with tales of a possible fourth continent to be found if one can reach far enough. Current routes taken have discovered a few islands but not enough in order to help supply a full expedition. There are few that have tried to push, only to never be seen again. Its waters are also some of the deepest compared to the other sections which have made it hard to make any consistent contact with any potential underwater species that may reside there. In some parts there are tales of aggressive sea life that have been known to take out ships.
    Other Names: Southern Kadrass (Vaxia)

    The northernmost section of the Kadrass. It lies just north of the known continents. Its size is unknown as most ships have yet to be able to navigate the frozen conditions safely. Some parts can be sailed during a couple months of the year, but the further north one goes the more it is just seeming to be solid ice. Tales of ice creatures and undersea creatures adapted to the cold conditions also deter would be explorers.

Vaxian Continent

The continent of Vaxia is surrounded by the Wesul’kadrass, Easol’kadrass, Sovren’kadrass, and its northernmost land borders are flanked by the Tahotz’kadrass as its landmass extends up and merges with the northern pole ice caps. It sits much higher north then Shi Inkahan and Candenord

The continent has some very diverse environments on the surface and even below the surface. There are many smaller nations and city-states that divide up much of the land as their territories. The Shi Inkahan Empire has retained a few places that once belonged to the Vaxian Empire as their own, giving them some territory on the continent.

Many of the populations on this continent tend to have themes and similarities inspired by the European, North, Central and South American cultures and structures.

Shi Inkahan Continent

To the east is the Vaxian Continent with the Wesul’kadrass separating them. Candenord is to the west with the Cesil’kadrass in between. The icy waters of the Tahotz’kadrass borders it on the north. Bording the south of the continent is the Sovren’kadrass. A few islands can be found near the continent of Shi Inkahan, scattered to the east and south of the main continent.

About one third of the continent is covered in lush forests and plains areas where many of the people have thrived. There are also many natural barriers that have helped keep much of the more populated areas safe from what dwells in the tundra wasteland known as the Land of Witches that makes up the rest of the continent.

Much of the continent is territory of the Shi Inkahan Empire, stretching from the east coast of the continent to almost one third of the way into the Land of Witches. They also have a few of the islands near the continent, and some scattered along popular routes to Candenord and Vaxia. After they defeated the Vaxian Empire in the Naga Nori, they have retained some of the areas there giving them some territory on the Vaxian Continent as well.

Many of the populations on this continent tend to have themes and similarities inspired by the Central Asian, East Asian, South East Asian, and South Pacific cultures and structures.

Candenord Continent

The Vaxian Continent is to the west with the Easol’kadrass separating it from Candenord. To this east is the continent of Shi Inkahan with the Cesil’kadrass between them. To the north is Tahotz’kadrass, though once you sail far enough away from Candenord all one finds is frozen waters. The Sovren’kadrass is south of the continent, with a few small islands scattered about.

The environments on the continent of Candenord are very diverse, with many different kinds of deserts, grasslands, forests, and mountains all mixed about.

The territories of the Candenord Empire mostly takes up the regions spanning from the homes of the five nations that make up the empire. Stretching from Masgrov up to Corpis Port. They have a few pockets of territory scattered about the rest of the continent, as smaller groups join them that do lay claim to the land they sit on.

Many of the populations on this continent tend to have themes and similarities inspired by the Middle East, South Asia, and African cultures and structures.

Setting Note: It is important to us that everyone has some way to be able to have a version of themselves in our game. We also wish to strive to explore and have various themes in a non offensive way. If you come across anything that seems offensive or could be represented in a better way - then please let us know.
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