Vaxia Items, Equipment, and Travel

General Item Information

Items have undergone a bit of an overhaul in order to streamline the system and open up more freedom in character play.

Any item that does not provide some kind of bonus is FREE. Such items are considered to be 'lifestyle' choices, and basically all do the same thing therefore it is not fair to charge different prices for such items.

For reference: A bonus is something that affects the game system in some way, usually by modifying Stats or by being able to produce a certain effect, etc. Basically it lets the item do something more then just be a lifestyle choice.

This also includes getting Materials for Crafting or tools needed for certain skills. Players can safely assume that their character starts out with the basic level (aka provides no kind of bonus) of tools and materials needed to craft or use their skills. However if a player wants items that provides a bonus to their character skill then they will need to pay for that item.

There are also no strict item 'slots' or descriptions - meaning we do not have a helm slot, a chest slot, feet slot, etc. Rather we just have weapons and then what you wear. There may be some very basic descriptions, but that is mostly to help provide an idea on function or what they could be. Players have absolute freedom to describe how everything on their character appears to look, or even what it is made out of, and can wear as much of one kind of item they want to.

Items that provide bonuses are limited by that bonuses that do the same thing do not stack - only the highest bonus is used when ruling.

For more information on crafting see: Crafting Rules
For more information on costs for items that provide bonuses see: Calculating Item Worth

  • Books and Scrolls
      Mundane books, scrolls, and writing utensils are items characters do not have to pay for and they exist in ample abundance around the world.

      Spell Scrolls: These are scrolls that have been enchanted to hold a spell. Anyone can use them and there is no need to roll using them. The work is done in the process of the Enchantment so all the holder has to do is activate it. These Scrolls can be a one time use, a daily use or at will. A character can craft their own scrolls or purchase them.

  • Clothing and Accessories
      Clothing and jewelry is a lifestyle choice for characters. A player can assume their character starts out with whatever kind of clothing and accessories that fits their character's theme, and has full freedom to describe them any way they want to as long as it fits in the setting's theme.
  • Food and Drink

  • Tools and Equipment
      Players can assume that their character has access to all basic level tools and equipment to carry our their day to day activities, jobs, or use their skills.

Methods of Travel
For overland travel the most common method of getting around is walking, riding on an animal, or wagons pulled by animals or even magical constructs.

Various kinds of boats are still the preferred method of crossing over the ocean and evenover some of the larger lakes and other bodies of water in the world.

Teleportation and portals are also popular, but take energy and effort to make and may not always be reliable for longer distances.

Permanent portals do exist, but can be rather expensive to maintain for a long time especially when trying to handle a large volume of traffic. Due to this Portal Networks tend to be very small connecting some of the most well traveled and populated areas together.

Extra Reference

  • Materials
  • Money
  • Real Estate

Vaxia Artifacts
Currently items that are listed under artifacts are unavailable for actual play, pending development of an artifact level system. However there are still plenty of rumors and stories centered around the artifacts that characters may hear or be able to discover. Please consult with Setting with concerns in regards to artifacts.