Vaxia Languages

Vaxian Languages:

How languages work in Vaxia

There are two layers of languages.

The top layer is a group of tradespeak or pidgin languages that have developed over the course of trade and commerce interaction between the various groups and areas of the world. These are the languages that are worked with at the game system level and players have to select for their characters, and will be able to earn should they choose.

These tradespeak languages also work as an umbrella to connect the next layer of languages, which allows for players to have a kind of unlimited access to have any kind of more specific 'flavor' to their character languages and yet still be able to communicate with little issues in the game.

All the more divergent regional specifics, variations, or any other specifics of any possible language, make up the second layer of languages. These 'languages' do not affect the system in any way for if it comes they are connected to a tradespeak language for that purpose.

Available Tradespeak languages:

    Vaxian Tradespeak - this would be the pidgins for all languages found in the regions and such of the continent of Vaxia.

    Candenoridian Tradespeak - this would be the pidgins for all languages found in the regions and such of the continent of Candendord.

    Inkahani Tradespeak - this would be the pidgins for all languages found in the regions and such of the continent of Shi Inkahan.

    Batueri - a kind of universal sign language developed from Elvarian, as the language changes little. It has no spoken words, but is a series of hand, finger, arm gestures with facial expressions.

    Elvarian - the language that evolved from the prominent elven trade routes. The script is very flowing, elegant and seems to be just as much art as it is a language. The language changes very little due to the long life spans of the ones that spawned the language which makes it great for certain businesses, art, artistic jobs, and some magic.

    Falnoric - the language that evolved from trade and business of hunters, scavengers, explorers, nomads, and those that thrive in the wild. It shares some similarities to Elvarian, but it isn't as drawn out as the tendency for many that use the language tends to adapt in some animal sounds/body gestures and some regional variations as well as contact between partners are not always constant. Hand and body gestures make up half the language, and the spoken parts easily blend and can even substitute regional and even more specific variations of words.

    Nauterical - the language that evolved from trade and activity out in and on the ocean. It is said that the ocean has its own language, many sailors and those that even come from under the waves would swear it so. It was only a matter of time before soon that language lived upon the lips of those that make their living or just live with the ocean. The language is pitched to be able to cut through the many of the white noises of the ocean and storm water. With clear pronunciation and low song-like pitches for underwater use.

    Roaggnid - the language that evolved from trade of the stone workers, blacksmiths, and other physical trades and manual labor. At the core of this language is, the sooner they can get through the talking they quicker can get to back to the task, or make a sale. Hand gestures are part of the language as well, for sometimes more can be said with a hand move then words could ever cover.

    Subterin - the language that evolved from trade and business of those that dwell underground. It can sound a little off when spoken in a wide open space, as much of it took elements from those that call the subterrain their home as well as made use of the closed spaces to bounce in order create variances in sounds without echoing too far.

    Tinkeric - the language that evolved from the inventors and engineers, and a bit of magic users. Science, invention, engineering, and people that study magic way too much love their technical terms, and when you get a bunch of people that do that for a living it is like they are speaking their own language anyways. The language's script is very easy to write out very quickly, an essential component for the excitable inventor in the high of discovery. The language is also rather modular allowing for new words to be added or dropped at a whim. It can seem nonsensical at times, but it is very efficient.

    Travens - the tradespeak of the Travellers (Vaxia’s equivalent of Gypsies/Romani/Irish Travelers and similar groups). Travellers are a nomadic type of culture found all over the world. As some of those groups travel all over areas, a common trade speak was developed as many of them interacted with each other in their travels.