Vaxia Magic

The skill system of this game is considered an open kind. Meaning we do not have a list of specific spells or skills to pick from or classes that comes with a set of abilities. Rather you get to craft your own skill that follows three aspects within a theme. This allows for a range of actions that skill may perform and opens up so many possibilities on what may be done with magic.

In the past magic was categorized as schools and each school had a set of actions it could do. In time this proved problematic as many types of magic crossed into multiple schools as well as ended up limiting some schools while others were way too broad. Not to mention it was a pain to try and categorize every little thing that can be achieved with magic into set schools. That format is no longer followed, instead it is best to think of the types of magic more in terms of a theme or flavor. Some themes and flavors still can overlap, but the following is to help inspire ideas to link three skill aspects into a magic skill.

The source of magic is just an RP distinction, it is a means to help add a little more flavor to your character’s overall theme as you play it. There is no functional difference between ‘divine’, ‘holy’, ‘evil’, chaotic’, ‘demonic’, or ‘psionic’ types of magic. You are welcome to use those descriptors, your character may even believe it, but understand that it does not add anything more to the skill beyond what it explicitly does already.

How a character casts their magic is an RP distinction as well. Things like using small rituals, verbal or somatic components, or runes is all flavor - a means to be able to get as creative as you want in your description in how your character may achieve their actions, and help solidify the overall theme of your character.

Using Space or Time
Affects the Body
Metamagic and Enchanting
Creating Constructs
Other - It would be very hard for us to try and think of every little thing magic could do in Vaxia. If you think something you would like to do has not been covered in our magic discussions we encourage you to start a discussion up on the forums - perhaps we need to clear something up or it is something we just didn't think about before.

What is not allowed
The following are specific cases that due to game balance issues or potential harm to other players that we can not allow in the game. If you have any questions about such restrictions or feel that something needs to be added please start up a discussion in the forums.

Time Travel
Time travel refers to a character trying to actually affect events in time to try and change it, or physically moving through time. Time travel can get very problematic, very fast. Not to mention if a character goes back into time they will be doing so puts the character immediately in a different continuity, with no way to reliably get back, so they would cease to exist in the IC continuity of the site, which would put the character out of play for the player. Due to the issues surrounding handling paradoxes and the equivalent of character suicide from the OOC perspective, time travel is not allowed for play by anyone.

Chaos/Wild Magic
Since our skill system is open we do not have a good way to support magic skills that are basically “I cast a spell, but I have no idea what it will do”. While such things can be fun, this is best achieved if you can create a table and roll a dice to determine what happens. But that would just be a extremely huge undertaking with our kind of system and it can easily end up overwhelming A/SHs when trying to rule such a thing. Not to mention such things risk making a skill way too broad which could violate the three aspect system of skills. However what is allowed is for part of an effect to be random, such as “I conjure light, but I don’t know what color I will get.” or “I summon a creature, but I don’t know what kind of animal will show up.”

Forcing scenes that violate the Code of Conduct or Player consent/boundaries
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.
At no time can a player use their character’s magic to force another player’s character to do something without that player’s consent, no matter what.
In addition a player can not use their character’s magic in order to force NPCs into certain scenes that are strictly not allowed on this site. (IE sexual scenes with NPCs that are minors or even look like a minor). If you are unsure that you are crossing a line, before you do anything consult with Social.

Please refer to the follow System pages for the details on ruling magic: