Vaxian Species

Vaxian Species and Creatures

Here you can find information on the many species and creatures that can be found in the world of the Vaxia setting.
Playable Species Submission Guidelines

▬▬▬♦♦ Playable Species ♦♦▬▬▬

Species in this game do not come with built in traits that boost game Stats or give free abilities of any kind. Some species may have something like 'Many of this species can do X', but this is only to provide players with a possible theme for certain skills/aspects. The only way a do a player can have that ability on their character to use is to have a skill to do it.

These species are the most common throughout the entire world of Vaxia and are available for play as player characters.
(Setting Note: The Species are in the middle of a update to the new playable species guidelines, we apologize for the delay and we will try and get all the new information up as soon as possible. Those that are in their final draft are published right to the wiki already. If there are any questions please come ask us and we will try to help as soon as possible )

Updated with Final Draft

Still in the forum Draft stage
The drafts of the write ups can be found here:

Temporarily restricted species
These species are usually part of our normal player character species list. However they are in need of being updated to our new playable species guidelines and we have no drafts. Until then these species will require Setting Approval.

▬▬▬♦♦ Other Species ♦♦▬▬▬

These species are some of the more common NPC type species encountered.

Species found on this list are counted as 'Other' and are subject for Setting Approval before being considered for play as a player character. Many of these species may require additional training to make sure the player is prepared and understands what to expect from IC interactions with that kind of species.
For the reasoning as to why we do this please read - Setting Approval for PCs

▬▬▬♦♦ Conditions ♦♦▬▬▬

Conditions are states that can alter species bringing additional aspects to them, changing their physiology.

Conditions available for players to play will require Setting approval as well as additional training in order to make sure the player has a firm understanding on what to expect when playing a species with a condition. For more information please read:

  • Werebeasts

  • Undead (Undeath is counted as a condition, but some types of Undead lack freewill - those types are not available play as a player character and are technically counted as constructs)

  • Vampires

▬▬▬♦♦ Animals and Creatures ♦♦▬▬▬

Anything under this category is not available for play as player characters.

Bestiary index for ideas on possible critters and creatures that may roam about the world and may be used as possible companions or encounters. These lists are not exhaustive, especially for Mundane Animals

Mundane Animals
Mystical Animals and Creatures