They Will Come Again, And For The Idolaters There Shall Be A Reckoning.
Veuris was a church in Iskrania They were considered by some to be the most old fashioned and backwards branch of the church. They believed that Kosmo was just a legend, they refused to accept the teachings that one man saved their ancestors and instead believed that Kosmo was a group of gods. Their color was blue, their beliefs were that the gods will one day return to bring them to glory, they refuse to allow machines to operate in their districts, believing the gods frown on such things. They had no physical fighting force and therefore were at a disadvantage when physically attacked, their priests however were some of the most powerful of the city.

Veuris was easily crushed by the Followers of Light who dispensed with Veuris's polytheistic heresies but whose doctrines regarding what is or is not evil were largely compatible, so much of Veuris's organization was subsumed within that of the Followers of Light.

Church of Veuris wrote:

It's really all quite ridiculous, you know. All this talk about Kosmo, about the one man (or woman, if you would believe the Senphara) who supposedly was single-handedly responsible for thwarting the banners of the Ramsen. The very concept is absurd. Just think about it. Ramsalon The burgeoning empire. Think about the kind of power those banners represented. The belief that any one mortal human being could thwart such power, the idea that any effort by that small, tattered band of hunted humans and Dwarves could have done anything to save themselves as a group, much less as individuals, is fallacy. Ramsalon could have annihilated them, plain and simple. It would have. The only thing that saved them was a miracle.

And that, of course, is far easier to believe. Everyone knows about the gods. They are active in the world, and many claim to have met their avatars, interacted with them, served them, fought them. There's no denying the gods. Leave aside the fact that the Church Veuris has a documented history (not available for showing to the public) of the gods' intervention on behalf of those first Iskranians. What other explanation is even plausible? The idea that one person might have done is absurdity. Worshiping this mythical person? Fallacy. And dangerous fallacy. The gods do not stand idly by and watch such idolatry. They never do. It is insulting to them, as well it should be, and they make certain it does not survive long. And woe to the people who earn such a rebuke, for few ever survive it. No, the gods will not let it go on forever, and when they return, it will be with a vengeance, literally a smiting for all save those who remained faithful and did not, in their pride and ignorance, forget, and assign godhead to a mortal man who probably was never even real. An invention. A legend. A myth created by a people who did not want to admit that they owed the gods their very existence. Well, the Blue Church will admit, and will preach, and when that fateful day comes, there will be one congregation spared the ire of the heavens.

Until then, of course, the congregation must remain true, and pure. Everything born of this farcical idol-worship must be forsworn. The power of the gods is the only true power. These machines: not only are they crutches, betraying the weakness of the idolaters, but they are an affront to the gods, a lie by humanity to itself, an attempt by the people to convince themselves of their own power, because in their hearts the know they have none. Mortals attempting to stand amongst the gods will find themselves stuck down even harder than those who look to worship wrongly, for those who would rank themselves in the heavens have much, much further to fall. And again, it is only a matter of time. Thus will Veuris remain pure, clean, rejecting the trappings of the mortal lie, acknowledging the one true power and using only that. The gods saved Iskrania, planted the seed of a new nation. They have some purpose for their chosen people. Veuris will see that the people are ready when the purpose is revealed. No sword shall be brandished, for the gods will protect, as they did in the beginning. Veurius will not succumb to the illusion of its own strength. And no machine will be built, for the same reason. Rather, the Blue Church shall master those skills the gods will them to, those gifts the gods give them. The only true power.





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