How does all this get paid for?

Vaxia is a not-for-profit, free-to-play, website.

We run on Drupal, an open source free webcode and we currently have a volunteer technical admin to handle code as needed. That doesn't mean we don't have costs, and in honor of Transparency this is how the costs for the site break down:

Once a year, we have a domain name purchase which is roughly 15$ a year.*

We are hosted on Linode, with site backups which brings us at the moment to 50$/month for hosting cost, with a lot of room for growth.

You'll notice we have a donation button (and if you haven't hit the yearly cap an option for selecting the character to put your site rewards to). That goes to a Paypal account under a vaxia-only email account, that technical admins (Tia and Bastlynn) have access to.

That account is used to automatically pay our hosting service to cover our costs - the display on the site is an estimate based on current use for how many months we have covered.

In short: We keep the Vaxia money completely separate from our personal stuff so we can be as transparent as possible on that end of things. If you ever have a donation that goes weird or you need to follow up on - drop a line to Bastlynn, or email to ask.

* I need to check with Tia on this.