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Vaxia Helpers

The Vaxia Helper System
Vaxia Helpers are a specific subset of the Social Department In order to become a vaxia helper, you must pass the social department membership training and the vaxia helper training. Access to this position is not dependent on any other earned rank ­ only on passing the relevant tests.

Once you have completed the training you will be responsible for directly assisting members of the site. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Helping players find the relevant links that they need, and assisting them with their questions about site navigation in general.


  • Taking the time and helping them with RP in order to get them used to the flow of the game. A Helper should encourage them to make descriptive and complete posts, and teach them all about the social etiquette when RPing. Most often this will be done either in Limbo the discussion room, via private messages, or in the OOC box at the bottoms of your posts. Some General Guidelines can be found here: http://vaxia.org/forums/tips-how-rp-considerately


  • Directly working with players to teach them about how to make characters. Sometimes a player will make characters that consistently fall outside of the normal build guidelines. When this happens, a newbie helper is assigned to train them to help make their characters fit into the game world.


  • Assisting players when they arrive with any training they might need as far as getting used to the site and the way it works. Either through direct messages in limbo or private messages.


  • Teaching new players about the policies on vaxia and how the site is run. One of these things is managing expectations http://vaxia.org/forums/managing-expectations-ie-what-expect-your-time-here. Try to guide them into understanding the time line of the game. It's a game that moves at a nice slow pace, so if they need something faster, you may need to work with them on getting used to the way things are here.

  • If they have a question that you can't answer, try and get help from another Helper. You don't have to be an encyclopedia to be a Vaxia Helper. You just have to be willing to take the time to help others.

As a Vaxia Helper you will find yourself in charge of really working with new players one on one. It's a great opportunity to help someone see the best parts of the game through your eyes. Use your experience on the site to help their learning process be easier. The Vaxia Helpers are a very valuable group. However it is not mandatory to be part of the Vaxia Helpers. If you don't think you have the patience or the knowledge to help new players, then don't feel like you have to take the test. If you decide to join, you will be responsible for working when you can, so take that time commitment to heart before you make your decision. You can at any point decline your position in the Vaxia Helpers. There is no problem with leaving the department even once you've gone through the training.