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Teleportation and Portal Rules

Teleportation/Portal Magic
Teleportation and portal magic work the same way, despite a difference in description - a portal is essentially an 'item' crafted using teleportation magic.

Difficulty for teleportation and portal magic is the same base 25 as other magic. Distance covered and duration of the portal is governed by PP, as with other magical effects.

The difficulty can be impacted by the following factors:

  • Additional people to be teleported: +5 difficulty after the first (Diff 30 for two people, Diff 35 for three, etc). This difficulty does NOT apply to portals.
  • Destination unseen: +10 difficulty. Not knowing where you're going is always going to be trickier. This applies to both teleportation and portals, meaning most portals of any distance will be at Diff 35, not 25.

PP Required
The bigger judge of teleportation and portals is in the points produced. For instant teleportation, all PP goes into distance. For portals, it has to be split between distance and the duration the portal will stay open for.

As a quick guide for how much PP is needed for a given jump, use the examples below. These are NOT exhaustive or set in stone, they're purely meant as a guide to help in the midst of a session.

PP for Distance

  • Up to 100 yards (an American football field away): 10 PP
  • A few miles away (across town): 25 PP
  • A few day's travel away (Ramsalon to Andular): 50 PP
  • Cross-continent (Ramsalon to Tesaria): 100 PP
  • Transcontinental (Vaxia to Shi Inkahan): 250 PP

PP for Duration (Portals)

  • One round: No additional PP required. Portal will open the round after the mage casts and stay open till the end of that round, then close.
  • Three rounds: 10 PP
  • An hour: 25 PP
  • A day: 100 PP
  • A week: 250 PP
  • A month: 1000 PP

Instant-portation vs. Portals
While they use the same skill, there are some inherent differences between instant teleportation and standing portals, mostly in terms of time required.

Teleportation happens immediately on the same round the mage casts it, and bringing additional people increases the difficulty. Portals, by contrast, can let any number of people through, but they only appear a round after the mage is done casting, with a fixed duration based on their stored PP at that time.

When the ceiling is caving in, you'll likely want to teleport away. When you need to move prisoners you just liberated from the bandit camp back to their village from deep in the mountains, you'll likely want to create a portal.